Monday, March 26, 2012

Clock finished!

Today I took a day off of work and did some stuff around the house.  I've been nearing completion of the Whereabouts clock.  I finished the functional clock awhile back, but still had the waist and base of the grandfather clock to refinish.  Today I finally completed both and assembled the whole clock.  Here's a few pics of the waist being finished:

Here's a few more of the final assembly:

Now I'd like to focus a bit more on the UI of the data collection.  For me and my wife, it gets the GPS data from our phones to update the clock location, but for the kids their clock positions are typically wherever my wife is, or determined by a schedule.  I'd like to create a phone app to allow us to easily control who the kids are 'attached' to, or to update any scheduled clock positions.  The current method requires logging into the server and manually updating MySQL tables, and that's no fun.  Until next time!