Saturday, November 26, 2011

Clock Functional!

I've been able to get lots done on the clock over the Thanksgiving weekend.  I haven't been able to work on it for a while.  I needed to make the hands for the clock and wrap it up to finish the top section with the actual functioning clock.  I drew out some hands in AutoCAD that I thought I could cut out by hand, but then I thought about having them laser cut and wanted something more intricate.  I had poked around a bit at having them cut, but couldn't get motivated to redesign the hands.  I opted to go back to my original plan and cut them out by hand.  With some sheet metal I had, an air nibbler, and a hand nibbler I set to work.  I managed to get them all cut out with only a handful of blisters and sore hands.  Here's some photos of the cutout hands:
Hands cut out, but still with the paper templates attached.

The templates have been removed and the hands cleaned up, ready for paint.

With the hands cut out, I had to shorten each of the center shafts to fit behind the glass door.  I had intentionally left them long because I didn't know how long I needed them to be when I built the mechanism. With the shafts shortened, I mounted the mechanism, Arduino, and wireless bridge into the back of the clock body:
Rear of the clock body showing the guts.  This is minus the power supplies.

The front of the clock with a couple hands attached, but no photos in them yet.

I chose some nice photos of each family member, converted them to a sepia look and cut them out to fit.  A little bit of glue and I had a finished clock top.

The finished clock top with all five hands with their appropriate faces!

My next steps are to finish restoring the clock base and waist to complete the grandfather clock.  This should go relatively quickly, but I'll post updates to it.  I also need to post the files and code that I used for the face, hands, etc.

What an awesome project this has been!